What Your Style of Earrings Says About You


For anyone with one or more ear piercing, earrings are a critical accessory. However, there’s more to this type of jewelry than simply accessorizing. The type of earring you choose is as critical to your look as it is to the version of yourself you show off to the world. Whether you adorn your ears with gemstones, jewel-studded hoops, or simple sterling silver studs, you can tell a lot about a person by studying their choice of earring—including yourself. From statement jewelry and studs to ear jackets and cuffs, there’s a look available for any accesorizer and a style for every personality.

Statement Earrings 

Someone who tends to wear statement earrings will undoubtedly make a statement in every element of their life. These bold individuals are the center of attention wherever they go. They’re most at home in the spotlight and have vibrant personalities that others can’t help but be drawn to. They’ll often be found wearing colors as bright as their disposition, stealing the scene in every situation. Rather than hire someone to lug a spotlight beside them, they turn to a bold choice of earrings.


 A person who prefers to wear stud earrings is someone who exudes simple elegance. Like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, or Kate Middleton, a woman who chooses stud earrings has an irrefutable poise and presence. She might not share the boldness of those who prefer statement earrings, but she nevertheless has a sense of self-possession that others can’t help but notice. Male, female, or non-binary, stud earrings offer a simple statement, but a powerful one nonetheless.

Ear Jackets 

It’s no surprise that someone who tends toward ear jackets chooses an earring style as unique as they are. This fashion-forward accessory highlights someone who’s confident and creative, content in their own skin, and happiest in a field of flowers or surrounded by art projects. They might even make their own ear jackets, in addition to choosing the most appealing store-bought options to jazz up their ears. With their colorful gemstones and unexpected shapes, a person rocking ear jackets most likely loves to have fun.


Like an ear jacket, a cuff earring indicates a creative soul. Cuff-wearers tend to have a bit of an alternative edge, turning away from society’s expectations in their fashion choices and the rest of their lives. Commitment might not be their strong suit—a cuff earring might not even need a piercing—but they’re set in their convictions and willing to fight for what they believe in. They’re as likely to be found protesting for a worthy cause as they are to be enjoying an indie rock concert.

Hoop Earrings

As a staple in Latinx culture, it’s unsurprising that hoops show off a passionate personality. A person wearing hoop earrings is dedicated and unflinchingly loyal to their friends and family, and friendly to those they encounter in daily life. To an unfamiliar passerby, a person in hoop earrings might appear intimidating, but once you get to know them, you’ll love them just as much as they love you.

As a common accessory, it’s easy for many people not to put much thought into their choice of earring. However, the style you choose can tell the world a lot about who you are as a person. Whether you’re depicting subtle elegance with a pair of jewel studs or you’re rocking elaborate hoops, there’s sure to be an earring style that works for not just your outfit of the day but for your personality, as well. Paired with your favorite bracelets or other accessories, an earring can set the tone for your day and the connections you make along the way.

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