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Guide To Using Heat Protection Sprays

When it comes to having the perfect hair, everyone wants to try the best of hair care products, and we’re not just talking about shampoos and conditioners but other important beauty tools like straighteners, curling irons etc. Although such tools can give you amazing results, it can also damage your hair in the long run. Thankfully with hair protection sprays, a lot of the problem is solved. Heat protection sprays will protect your hair from excessive damage and manage the natural beauty of your hair. To know more, keep reading.

What are the benefits of heat protection sprays?

Heat protectant sprays enhance the beauty and effectiveness of your hair, ensures you take less time to style your hair, reduces signs of damage since you now have less exposure to heating tools and also gives you that soft, sleek and shiny salon-like hair you’ve always secretly wanted.

When is the right time to use them?

Using heat protection spray for your hair is like giving your hair that much needed sun protection. Obviously you can’t wear sun cream on your hair while going out so this works like a perfect solution for that. Not just that, if there’s a party you are about to attend and you need to apply a heating or styling tool on your hair, you can use a heat protection spray to ensure your hair looks hydrated, soft and shiny all day.

How To Use A Heat Protectant Spray The Right Way

Clean your hair

Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your hair and scalp. Rinse it off with cold water so that there’s no conditioner or shampoo left. Rinse your hair with cool water so that your hair doesn’t lose moisture.

Dry your hair

Avoid using brow dryers. Instead, you can directly use the heat protection spray. This will prevent your hair from getting completely dried out.

Comb your tresses

Detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb. Next, divide your tresses into many sections in order to apply the spray properly. Take 1 section and apply the spray all over it. Hold it 15 cm away from your hair. You will need to apply extra spray if your hair is thick.

Blow dry your hair

If you happen to be in a hurry, you could also blow dry your hair. You could also use a brush with the help of a paddle brush for this one. It will help remove knots and keep your hair straight and soft. Also, avoid using blow dryers on cooling settings so that your hair can dry quickly.

Straighten your hair

Before you straighten your hair, make sure to divide them in various sections. First, separate your hair into 3 different sections with the help of a hair straightener. Next, divide the sections, straighten them all and then secure it with a clip. Never hold straighteners on your hair for a long period of time. Use the straightener on low settings in order to prevent any damage.

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