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Oil Facial Cleansers: A New Blessing To The Cosmetics Industry

The word cleanser basically refers to any substance which is used to clean or remove dirt particles and other harmful substances from a given area. A facial cleanser basically refers to any substance that is used to clean or remove dirt particles from one’s face. Regular facial cleansing is very important to provide the skin with proper cleaning and make it more breathable.

Any average person must use a cleanser at least two to three times a day to keep the face clean and nourished. Following a simple skincare routine will help a person to prevent various types of skin problems and irritations. Cleansing helps in the removal of excess oil present on the face and also cleans up the dirt, sweat, and dead cells from the facial skin.

Regular use of cleansers also gives the facial complexion a chance to improve and become better with time.  These cleansers provide proper refreshment to the skin and come for different skin types soothing the needs and requirements of every type of skin. And another essential purpose of a facial cleanser is to remove makeup for any kind of product that we use to decorate our facial skin.

How often should one use Facial Cleansers?

It is very important to choose the right type of facial cleanser depending on the requirements of the facial skin and the type of skin that one has. Selecting the correct type of cleanser can actually work wonders with the skin and improve the quality of the skin to a great extent. Cleansers can come in different forms like water cleansers, cream-based cleansers,  oil-based cleansers, among others.  A perfect cleaning schedule involves the use of the cleanser at least two to three times a day regularly for positive results.  Usually, one must use a cleanser after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. One can also use the cleanser once in between morning and night or any point of time during the day.

What is the difference between a face wash and a facial cleanser?

Often people get confused and are unable to differentiate between a face wash and a facial cleanser. It is very important to understand the difference to experience the true benefits of both the products.

The basic difference between a face wash and a cleanser is that a face wash is responsible for removing debris from deep layers of the skin and also cleaning the pores. In contrast, a facial cleanser is accountable for removing the dirt,  makeup, and excessive oil from the upper layer of the skin.

Any face wash is very appropriate for people who have oily and combination skin types, whereas cleansers are appropriate for people who have dry and sensitive skin. Although a face wash is much more gentle than a bar of soap but facial cleansers are much more gentler and are much more sensitive to the skin. Another benefit of a facial cleanser is that face wash might be hydrating and moisturizing, but a facial cleanser is much more beneficial to the skin.

Oil Facial Cleansers

During the previous days, people used to avoid the oil facial cleanser as people thought that products containing oil might be non-beneficial for the skin.  However, modern technologies have proved that oil has incredible beauty benefits for the skin, and if it can be used in the form of cleansers or other products can have magical healing effects on the skin.

Oil facial cleansers were into use long back in previous generations and is slowly coming back to use in modern generations recently.  In the past, people used coconut oil for the removal of makeup or dirt from the skin, which is nothing but an example of an oil facial cleanser. Famous companies like Neutrogena have introduced oil facial cleansers in their product range recently.

In the case of sensitive skin, these oil facial cleansers are incredibly beneficial as they not only remove dirt or makeup from the skin but also provide extra nourishment and moisturization to the skin, making its condition much more breathable. The use of oil facial cleansers is also known to be beneficial because they help in protecting the natural lipid layer of the skin and does not remove the good bacteria from the skin layer.

Best Facial cleansing oils

There are some of the facial cleansing oils available in the market which are extremely good and are suggested by some of the best dermatologists across the globe. Every cleanser has its own unique properties and can do miraculous work when used regularly as part of one’s beauty regime.

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